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During WW2
Mentality of people
‘You a Nazi-st?’ Asked the one.
‘No’ replied the other.
‘Ah, then you should be fascist !’
After WW2
Mentality of people
‘You a male chauvinist?’ Asked the one.
‘No’ replied the other.
‘Feminist you are! ‘
Years pass by but the ist-ism is not ending.
What may be the ist which may be asked after your lifetime !
Think about it.



The street was crowded , there was a boy who stood in the middle trying his best to move forward without pushing anyone aside. She watched him carefully , his features showed his youth. He was in a faded shirt and a partly torn jean.
She thought in her mind ‘ this is the most beautiful trend I’ve seen ever’ .
As we go through the crowd we go through the mind of this boy who wore this dress . He thought ‘ when am I going to dress like them huh? Will it take my lifetime? am I such poor ?’. We can see the boy out of the crowd finally.