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During WW2
Mentality of people
‘You a Nazi-st?’ Asked the one.
‘No’ replied the other.
‘Ah, then you should be fascist !’
After WW2
Mentality of people
‘You a male chauvinist?’ Asked the one.
‘No’ replied the other.
‘Feminist you are! ‘
Years pass by but the ist-ism is not ending.
What may be the ist which may be asked after your lifetime !
Think about it.


Life of ‘Pi’

First year of Pi
‘hey what is this ‘pi’?’ asked the boy.
‘Pi.…,probably something that is going to trouble us sometime’ and laughed the other.
After few years
‘3.141,3.141,3.141’ said him scratching his forehead.
‘You know what this ‘Pi’ is like? common cold it is, we could never resist this’ exclaimed with other with laughter.
‘Pi’ smiled the other thinking of it.


The boy was shouting while seeing her.
He could hardly judge genders .
His hands were so small but he could feel the warmth of other’s arms.
He walked towards her, there was a chill breeze.
The breeze caused an unexpected smile on him.
He could see her in the dim light, she was calm.
His words stuttered on seeing her, the steps he took near her made him excited internally.
He sat near her, he could see himself over her.
His features his smile his everything but there was no feature of her.
He was looking deeper to find her, he couldn’t, he touched her, the warmth in his arm was gone, and there was a chill in his arms.


The street was crowded , there was a boy who stood in the middle trying his best to move forward without pushing anyone aside. She watched him carefully , his features showed his youth. He was in a faded shirt and a partly torn jean.
She thought in her mind ‘ this is the most beautiful trend I’ve seen ever’ .
As we go through the crowd we go through the mind of this boy who wore this dress . He thought ‘ when am I going to dress like them huh? Will it take my lifetime? am I such poor ?’. We can see the boy out of the crowd finally.