Chapter 3

‘Hello Saurabh(faint giggles)’ at a far distant we could hear a female voice commanding the person on this end of the receiver,‘Hey don’t call your dad by his name ’ and again few giggles.

‘I am gonna be home soon sweetiepie’ whispered Saurabh. He hung the phone and went to cupboard took his bag and went out. Walking towards lift he showed a good night kind of sign to Das. By the time he came down there was a car waiting for him.

The traveling time for Saurabh was usually thirty minutes, this is the hardest thing for him to stand. He would look outside the window, his eyes would wander in dark spaces outside, and he will be there looking at his reflection on window smiling at it with no reason. He made the car to stop a few meters before his home. He always preferred to walk that distance. He considered this as stretch ups for his muscles.

She was waiting for him for past thirty minutes since her girl called him. And then the doorbell rang. She paced her way to the door and opened it. Yeah it was Saurabh. Saurabh had met her during college days and they were now married for seven years. His first kid was a boy who is just five now. And the giggles belonged to his girl.

‘Hi’ with a smile.

‘Hi, where are my kids?’ asked Saurabh. He saw her for moment and then he left the bag down and hugged her at the doorway.

‘Guess where’ and kissed him at cheek, she then took his bag and went inside. Saurabh always preferred left room. His room was at the left side of the hall, he went inside and switched on the night lamp. His movement was slowed something was grabbing him from below, and there he was Saurabh’s little man. He gave a bite at Saurabh’s leg.

‘Aaah… fly up superman’ and he took him up.

‘Saurabh(having his two fingers inside mouth) I have a strong teeth, mommy brushed me’

‘Aw, where is this mommy gone’ and messed his hair.

 ‘Hey superman how did your school go today’ and he let him down.

‘Aah…Saurabh’ with fingers still inside mouth. There came a woman with a tray seeing her he ran behind Saurabh.

‘Sundar stop calling him by his name’ said the voice. The voice was Kanaga’s. Saurabh took the wrapped roti and water bottle from tray.

‘Mommy’s pissed by run save yourself’ he was having roti while telling this to Sundar. Sundar is very familiar with this caution and he ran out to the opposite room. He ate the last and sipped water from the bottle and kept the left over on tray.

Kanaga was facing down. Saurabh came forward, ‘Where is my sweetiepie’ and raised her face up with a smile.

‘Mhm, she is sleeping mister’ and pushed his hands.

‘No she is not ’and again he raised her face, she smiled and their faces were close.

‘You smell good’ and kissed her neck. There was a thud at the opposite door and both of them parted a little.

‘No turning on mister’ and Kanaga left his room.

Saurabh changed his clothes and then went to his bed. It was little surprise that he had another small bed near his bed. He looked at the small bed, there she was. His little woman. He would always want her near him so he shifted her near him. He kissed her forehead and went to sleep.



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